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Gain a competitive advantage in industry by becoming a member of the Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre.

To sign up, email Professor Tapan Saha at

As a member, you will:

  • Gain access to innovative transformer research, solving tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Empower your employees with the latest transformer knowledge, offered by Australian experts.
  • Gain hands-on experience with condition monitoring, dynamic loading, ester oil performance.
  • Utilise expert asset management tools and techniques to reduce costs and increase performance.


The Platinum membership also includes:

  • The first CPD course attendance every year is complimentary, any additional attendance fees will be discounted by 20%. (Platinum attendance fee is $650 compared to $800 for gold membership and $1,000 for the standard fee.)
  • A perpetual royalty-free license to the Centre’s intellectual property of primary projects, which are funded by centre membership fees.
  • Free access, use and support of transformer assessment tools and applications from primary projects.
  • Members are eligible to participate in the Centre’s steering committee and the innovation/CPD sub-committee.

Please note therates for Platinum membership already include the 20% discount.

Contact the Centre for more information about membership.

Fee schedule

Member Category

Gold Membership
Annual Fee

year by year

Platinum Membership
Annual Fee


Large transmission and distribution companies (more than $3 billion assets)



Small transmission and distribution companies (less than $3 billion assets)



Major asset owners (more than 50 transformers)



Minor asset owners (less than 50 transformers)






Consultants and other companies


$ 4,068

Individuals or universities (must not be company substitute)



The materials submitted to the governing board for their perusal at the May 2017 meeting can be downloaded using the following links.

Terms of reference for Advisory Steering Committee, Research and Education committee, and industry feedback committee can be found by clicking on their links.

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