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Gain a competitive advantage in industry by becoming a member of the Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre.

To sign up, email Professor Tapan Saha at

As a member, you will:

  • Gain access to innovative transformer research, solving tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Empower your employees with the latest transformer knowledge, offered by Australian experts.
  • Gain hands-on experience with condition monitoring, dynamic loading, ester oil performance.
  • Utilise expert asset management tools and techniques to reduce costs and increase performance.


The Platinum membership also includes:

  • The first CPD course attendance every year is complimentary, any additional attendance fees will be discounted by 20%. (Platinum attendance fee is $650 compared to $800 for gold membership and $1,000 for the standard fee.)
  • A perpetual royalty-free license to the Centre’s intellectual property of primary projects, which are funded by centre membership fees.
  • Free access, use and support of transformer assessment tools and applications from primary projects.
  • Members are eligible to participate in the Centre’s steering committee and the innovation/CPD sub-committee.

Please note therates for Platinum membership already include the 20% discount.

Contact the Centre for more information about membership.

Fee schedule

Member Category

Gold Membership
Annual Fee

year by year

Platinum Membership
Annual Fee


Large transmission and distribution companies (more than $3 billion assets)



Small transmission and distribution companies (less than $3 billion assets)



Major asset owners (more than 50 transformers)



Minor asset owners (less than 50 transformers)






Consultants and other companies


$ 4,215

Individuals or universities (must not be company substitute)




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