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A proposal to help the utilities prioritize replacement

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Update on TIC activities given by Dr. Dan Martin at the CIGRE A2 meeting in Sydney

Posted 12 April 2019

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to present to the local CIGRE A2 transformers group an update on activities at TIC, in this presentation.

Field visit to NSW to investigate how a large-scale solar farm may affect a utility's asset management of power transformers

Posted 19 April 2018

Essential Energy hosted a day visit by Dr. Dan Martin to one of their substations to investigate what upgrades are required to the power transformers for successful integration of a solar farm.


Looking for partners on project to ascertain how to optimally manage power transformers in networks with a high degree of large-scale solar and wind

Posted 1 April 2018

Flier downloadable here.

As more and more large-scale solar and wind is integrated into the grid, how does the utility determine of the best course of action between updating their power transformer fleet, or being able to defer investment by safely retaining ageing units? The Australian utilities cumulatively spend $200M annually maintaining their power transformer fleet, and this fgure may rise if power transformers become overloaded or subjected to power quality problems from the inverters of this renewable generation. The objective of this programme is to develop and deliver tools for the industry to ascertain the best value in whether to continue to operate existing power transformers, or to replace.

Does your utility see value in becoming a partner of this project?

Dr. Dan Martin

Largest statistical analysis of Australian power transformer failure and retirement published

Posted: 17 March 2018

The UQ team have collected, collated and analysed reliability of 81,000 service years of Australian power transformer operation for failures and retirements. This study has been accepted for publication in the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, and can be found here:

UQ presents seminar on New Zealand and Australian power transformers to Transpower, the New Zealand national grid operator

Posted: 10 December 2017

Dr. Dan Martin gave a presentation to Transpower engineers in Wellington comparing the reliability of New Zealand transmission power transformers to those operated by the Australian utilities.

The aim is to extend the 2016 failure survey of Australian-owned power transformers to also include data from other countries, to compare the effect of different loading and maintenance strategies.

UQ presents at Open Session with CIGRE A2 Transformer Specialists

Posted: 4 September 2017

The ITEE TIC team has given a seminar to industry on Australian power transformer failure statistics during the CIGRE A2 open session held at Powerlink Queensland

UQ was invited by the CIGRE study committee on transformers to help the delegates from industry understand why transformers have been failing so they can mitigate potential problems. This seminar was based on the results of the 2016 Australian power transformer survey conducted at UQ.

Download the presentation slides

UQ and Powerlink Queensland article commended at IEEE PES General Meeting

Posted: 14 June 2017

An article on Australian power transformer reliability statistics was selected by the 2017 IEEE PES General Meeting as one of the best papers submitted to this conference. This article was co-authored with the Queensland transmission utility Powerlink Queensland.

The UQ team have been working on analysing the data from the 2016 Australian power transformer survey to improve the industry’s understanding of risk. A software tool for the partners (Ausgrid, Ergon Energy, Powerlink Queensland, TransGrid and Wilson Transformer Company) to quantify the number of power transformers expected to fail into the near future has been released. This study has been exceptional because it has used a sample size of 6,000 units, far larger than other surveys.

Download the article

Upcoming CPD course: Managing the life cycle of power transformers

Posted: 11 August 2017

In this 2-day intensive course, delegates will learn how to make the best use of their transformer assets. The course is scheduled for the 28th and 29th September 2017 at the St. Lucia campus of the University of Queensland.

Find out more about the course

Get 20% off membership fees before 30 June 2017

Posted: 14 June 2017

The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre is up and running. To take advantage of a 20% discount on industry membership fees, don’t forget to sign up before Friday 30 June 2017.

An industry membership provides your business with a competitive advantage, as you’ll gain access to innovative transformer research and expert asset management tools and techniques.

At the centre, we are also busy planning our first continuing professional development (CPD) course, which we anticipate will be ready for delivery in September 2017. The topic of this course will be ‘Lifecycle management of power transformers’ and will be conducted by an expert in the field – check the website closer to the date for more details and to register. 

Higher Degree by Research scholar wins prize at EAIT Postgraduate Conference

Posted: 10 June 2017

PhD student, Muhammad Ansari, won the prize for Best First year Presentation at this year's EAIT Postgraduate Conference, for his work on using fibre optics to measure the water content of transformer insulation. Muhammad's work will help utilities improve the reliability of their network by detecting problems inside a power transformer before failure occurs.