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If you are being appointed as a UQ staff member for the first time, you need to fill out a Tax File Number Declaration form.  It will reduce the amount of PAYG tax that is deducted from your pay.  You will also need to complete a Method of Salary Payment form so your salary will be paid directly into a nominated bank account.  Both forms can be left at the ITEE School Office for forwarding to the Faculty HR Office.

If you are being reappointed as a casual demonstrator (tutor) you do not need to fill these forms in again, unless any of your circumstances (eg family tax benefit eligibility or bank account details) have changed.

The University payday is every second Thursday. There are lead times for making adjustments to the payroll prior to each payday. Accordingly, your first pay may take longer than a fortnight to be deposited into your bank account, but it will include backpay to your commencement date.

Current UQ casual demonstrator salary rates (Follow the link to Academic Staff Casual Salaries.)


Casual demonstrators (tutors) salary claims are to be submitted using an electronic timesheet submitted on a fortnightly basis via MyAurion submitted to your Course Coordinator(s) for authorisation.

  • You must have your online timesheets approved by the lecturer(s) in charge of your course(s) or your claim will not be processed.
  • You must submit a timesheet at the end of each fortnight. You should aim to get your claim submitted by Tuesday of non-payweek.
  • You can claim for the training session.

MyAurion access is automaticaly assigned to new users so you don't have to do anything to initiate access. If you experience any problems with your access, phone the ITS help Desk on ext 56000 or email full details of the problem to

Availability & Absence

If you are unable to work because of illness or some other valid reason, you should notify the Course Coordinator and/or the School Office (St Lucia: 07 3365 2097) as early as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

It is assumed that you will be available for duties for the duration of the period of your appointment. Casuals are not required to apply for leave, but should give adequate notice of inability to work.

Continued or long term unavailability should be discussed with your Course Coordinator.

Performance Management

Teaching Evaluations

Tutors are required by the School to arrange for Student Evaluation of Teaching - Tutor (SET-Tutor) in the form prescribed by the University's Teaching & Educational Development Institute (TEDI). Renewal of appointment from semester to semester is subject to satisfactory progress. The lecturer-in-charge will be asked to provide a separate report to the Head of School on tutor performance.

To get your teaching evaluation, visit the TEDI Evaluation Services website and follow the links for ordering the tutor evaluation forms. Further advice on the procedures and due dates for getting SET-Tutor's done will be issued via email or a workshop later in the semester.

One thing to remember is that summary results must be obtained by tutors from TEDI and submitted to the Course Coordinator by the end of the semester’s examination revision week. After the exam period, TEDI will forward individual student responses to tutors. The Head of School may request the tutor to make these forms available to him.

Tutors are also encouraged to participate in a peer review process.

Performance Problems

In order to deal with cases of unsatisfactory performance, a Tutor Performance Review Panel (TPRP) can be convened. It is chaired by the School’s Director of Coursework Studies and has the Tutor Coordinator; an experienced, currently-employed tutor; and the School Administrative Manager as members. Its purpose is to help course coordinators and tutors resolve performance problems. If necessary, it will make recommendations to the Head, which could include removing the tutor from teaching duties or recommending that they not be reappointed.

The TPRP will normally meet to deal with a current tutor appointment. The Head of School reserves the right to not refer to a TPRP in deciding not to reappoint a tutor, to dismiss a tutor.