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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

UQ Interaction Design Exhibit 2020

Event host: 

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

10 June 2020 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Hosted online via the exhibit webpage

Link to Exhibition Webpage

Lorna Macdonald
E: ​

User experience design, or UX, is changing the way we connect with products, services and each other!

Experience new ways to interact with digital technology in this rapidly evolving field at the 2020 UQ Interaction Design Exhibit.

Taking the exhibit online for 2020, we travel into unchartered territory to bring you interactive prototypes developed by UQ’s Bachelor of Information Technology (User Experience Design) and Master of Interaction Design students from the course Physical Computing and Interaction Design Studio.

Each year students explore the theme 'Designing for playful and open-ended interactions in everyday life’. Focusing this theme through imagination, creativity and inspired by science fiction, students design concepts for novel technology-mediated experiences that uphold, reveal and explore human values (e.g. emotional intelligence, creative learning, sustainability) in specific contexts - think Internet of Things, tangible interaction and persuasive technology.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to see how future user experience design professionals bridge the gap between the physical and digital world!

The exhibition will be held online via the IXD2020 website.

How to participate

The exhibit is comprised of the IXD2020 exhibit website where you will find individual student portfolio's and a Discord server allowing live interaction with the students.

Discord is an online communicaiton platform that allows real-time text, voice and video chat. These instructions will provide more information for how the server is setup and how to use the space. If you should need help at any time, there is a dedicated #information-desk channel where you can ask for support. 

To join the exhibit Discord server, follow the invite link- https://discord.ccom/invite/HwKDbEB