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The workshop is possible with generous support from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and the Queensland Brain Institute.

26 November 2019 9:00am to 4:00pm

Queensland Brian Institute (QBI) Auditorium

Registration is open and free for UQ staff and RHD students

Numbers are limited by the size of the venue

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is receiving widespread attention around the world, with breakthrough results in a range of domains generating excitement, speculation and concern about the potential revolutionary impact of AI on economic growth and the future of jobs in the face of automation. 

At UQ, academics and researchers from across many Faculties and Institutes are actively working on the development and application of AI techniques in a diverse range of disciplines and application domains. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring these people together to share knowledge, explore synergies and develop collaborations around AI.

UQ Workshop on AI Program

UQ staff are invited to propose a short presentation at the Workshop. Presentations may include:

  • Current UQ research involving the development of AI theory, algorithms, techniques or analyses.
  • Current UQ research involving the application of AI to real-world applications, scientific or other problems.
  • Outlining of current or prospective work at UQ where AI has the potential to play a significant role.

The workshop is highly cross-disciplinary, therefore presenters will be encouraged to make their talks accessible to an audience from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The emphasis of the workshop is on gaining a shared understanding of the breadth of AI-related work at UQ.

To propose a presentation, please enter the details in this spreadsheet.
Deadline: Tuesday 12th November

Nominations have now closed

Event enquiries can be directed to Associate Professor Marcus Gallagher