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Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

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School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

25 February 2020 2:00pm

The Boardroom. St Leo's College. College Road. The University of Queensland St Lucia Campus.


Monday, 24 February, 2020 - 17:00

This Seminar is free. Afternoon tea will be served after the seminar
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Dan Myers is Principal Info Quality Education at DQMatters - an eLearning organization focused on Information Quality training and consulting. Dan speaks internationally on topics on Information Quality, Blockchain, Data Governance, and Metadata Management. 

In previous roles Dan has managed business intelligence teams, and lead architecture review of data management tools and implemented data governance programs. In his role at Farmers Insurance, he authored the Finance-led data governance policies, established the enterprise glossary and toolsets. 

As the president of IQ International, Dan is focused on educating information quality professionals worldwide. Dan's fluency in Japanese enabled him to work in both the public and private sector in Japan. Dan received his MBA from the U.S.C Marshall School of Business in 2009.


How mature is your organisations data quality efforts? Over the last five years we've seen the use of each of the dimensions of data quality increase, but still less than 3% of companies are using all of the (Conformed) dimensions of data quality. 

You can see recording of a prior presentation Prior Presentation Recording at IQ International.

In this session, Information Quality practitioner Dan Myers will present the results of the 5th Annual Dimensions of Data Quality Survey. Each year this report has uncovered new aspects of how the core concepts about he Dimensions of Data quality (e.g. Completeness, Accuracy, Validity, etc) are utilized by organisations to measure data quality and prioritise DQ improvement. Prior reports can be found at the Dimensions of Data Quality webpage.

Topics Covered:

1. Which dimensions are used the most and which are popular this year

2. Which industries use the Dimensions the most

3. Which areas of the organisation (finance, operations, sales, HR, etc) have the best data quality 

4. Why organisations use or don't use the Dimensions of Data Quality

5. Recommendations for companies that want to out-perform peers in terms of data quality.

Dan's session will be packed with industry information and tips on how to improve your own DQ roadmap going forward.